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Our The Woodlands drain clearing tech is using a video drain snake to scope out a clogOur The Woodlands drain clearing techs are experts in any clog removal. We've seen almost everything you can imagine flushed down a toilet including huge sucker fish and kids underwear. If you've tired the plunger but it doesn't work, give us a call. We have power augers that a specifically designed to snake through the toilet drain and clear those unconventional clogs.

Do you have a clog in the sink? A plunger won't work there. But it will work in a dual kitchen sink! Simply plug up one side of the sink with a wet towel and use the plunger on the other. Because the secondary sink drain is the air intake for the system, blocking it with a towel and using the plunger on the other side will create the needed vacuum effect to move a clog. If the plunger isn't working, try taking apart the trap beneath the sink and clearing the clog from there.

Clogs Have Nightmares About Our Plumbers in The Woodlands

A The Woodlands plumber prepares to open a sink drain system with a crescent wrenchIf the clog happens to be in your tub, you'll need a skilled hand to handle it. 9 times out of 10, the clog will be cause by hair getting tangled up in the drain line. You can clear this by unscrewing the bathtub plug and pulling it out. You'll have a good deal of hair and gunk on it in most cases. This is the majority of the problem, but there could still be hairballs further down the line. A pipe snack can be used to clear them. Just be aware that there is a 90 degree turn about an inch or two into the drain. You'll need to feed the snake past that point before you start cranking or you won't get anywhere. Once you are passed the 90 degree turn, you can start cranking the auger clockwise to advance it along the pipe. Floor drains can be handled in the exact same way.

For more information about clearing drain clogs, give our The Woodlands plumbers a call today.