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one of our The Woodlands garbage disposal repair plumbers is repairing a garbage disposalThe garbage disposal is the unsung hero of the kitchen. It is hidden under the sink where it sits until it's called upon and then it's just supposed to do its job over and over. The only time that it seems to get any attention is when something goes wrong. Our The Woodlands garbage disposal repair team is ready when your disposal isn't.

We've found that the common issues with a garbage disposal can be broken down into four major categories. Those are a clogged drain line, a leaky seal, a humming sound and no blade movement or a unit that simply won't turn on.

Clogged Sink

Probably the number one problem with garbage disposals is a clogged drain line. The drain from the unit is far smaller than the traditional sink drain line. It is so small that just a few unchopped food bits can cause it to clog. Starchy foods like potatoes, cucumbers and carrots can gum up the interior of the drain line quite quickly. The long, fibrous skins of these veggies can slip past the blades and clog the line.

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a client took our advice on fixing herself the garbage disposalOur The Woodlands plumbing team has fixed several leaky garbage disposal units. Leaks happen in three different spots – at the top seal, the bottom seal or at the end of the drain line. A rubber seal issue at the drain line can be fixed quite quickly and usually remains fixed for the lifetime of the unit. Seals at the top and bottom of the unit are not as easy to fix. They often require taking the unit apart, which is so labor intensive that the cost of a new unit and installation is cheaper.

Humming Sound

If you turn your unit on and hear a humming sound instead of the normal sound that you are used to, your motor is not connecting to the blade assembly. The sound you hear is the spinning motor. There are two reasons that this could happen, a break in the motor gear assembly or a blockage in the blades that has caused the motor to disengage. We can usually fix this type of issue in under an hour.

No Power to Unit

If you flicked your switch to turn on the garbage disposal and nothing happened, you could be in for some bad news. Before we tell you that you have a burned out motor, check the plug and breaker to make sure the unit is getting power. If these are okay, hit the red reset button on the bottom of the unit. If none of this works, your motor has croaked and you'll need to buy a new one.

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