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Our The Woodlands Plumbers Are Service Experts

one of our The Woodlands plumbers talks to a customer about her new sink installationNo plumbing emergency is too horrible for our The Woodlands plumbers. We are known for our calm and the ability to quickly assess and control an unwieldy situation. It doesn't matter if you have a broken drain line creating a swamp in your front lawn or if your bathtub leak finally caused the drywall to fall from your ceiling, we have the tools and personnel to handle it.

We have thousands of replacement parts on every one of our trucks. When we dispatch our licensed and bonded contractors to your site, they'll have the latest array of plumbing tools available as well as those tried and true wrenches. Everything we need is always within reach so we never have to leave the job site for anything. If, in the rare case, we don't have what we need, our dispatcher will send a second truck to your site to drop off what is needed. You'll never pay extra for this, because it's just the right thing to do. If you need a specialty service (hydro jetting, trenchless sewer repair, etc.) we'll schedule you into the next available slot for that tool. 

Your One Stop Full Service Plumbing in The Woodlands Texas

At our The Woodlands plumbing company we always give written estimates before we do a repair. If you don't understand something on the estimate, ask us. We want to make sure you understand exactly what we are doing. An informed customer is our best customer.

Here are just some of the hundreds of unique services we offer in The Woodlands.

  • a The Woodlands pro feeds a PEX pipe up through the wallSewer repair
  • faucet installation, maintenance and repair
  • re-pipes
  • water main lines
  • toilet repair and installation
  • drain line cleaning
  • gas line installation, repair and testing
  • garbage disposal repair and installation
  • water use efficiency tests
  • water softeners
  • water purification system installation and maintenance
  • a service expert checks the sink seals before clearing a clogwater main & drain pipe inspections
  • reverse osmosis water filtration systems
  • gas water heater repair and service
  • electric water heater repair and service
  • tankless water heater repair and service
  • water heater pressure release valves
  • recirculation pump maintenance
  • kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • bathroom additions
  • code inspections and code retrofits
  • environmentally friendly drain cleaning
  • a customer stands proudly next to his newly installed water heaterpressure regulators
  • shower and bathtub repair and installation
  • die testing
  • insta hots and point of use water heaters
  • slab leak repair
  • ice maker lines
  • pipe insulation & pipe thawing
  • water purity testing & consultations
  • leak detection and repair

Don't see what you are looking for? Don't panic! We couldn't put everything we do on this page, it would take too long to scroll down. Simply give us a call and ask. We probably do what you need. If not, we can direct you to someone who does!