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a The Woodlands water heater repair tech checks the temperature gained on a tankless water heaterYour water heater won't last forever, but it could last a good long time if it is kept in top condition by one of our water heater repair technicians in The Woodlands. The average storage style water heater lasts between 7 and 10 years. With our help, you could double that lifespan (or maybe extend it even more).

We've been helping residential and commercial customers maintain and extend the life of their water heaters for decades. In The Woodlands, water heater repair is one of our top jobs. We replace sacrificial anodes and do sediment flushes almost as often as we clear garbage disposal clogs and fix leaky faucets. Each of our professional plumbers is specifically trained in water heater life extension. We know the warning signs to look for like rusting around fasteners and inlet and outlet lines, the sounds associated with scale build up, and more. Even if you don't know what the problem is with your water heater, if you can give us the symptoms we can often make a diagnosis over the phone.

We Cover Water Heater Repair & Installation in The Woodlands TX

a The Woodlands plumber solders on a new T&P valve drip lineFaulty thermostats, anode replacements and sediment flushes are the most common services performed by our The Woodlands water heater repair team. If you are hearing a popping sound in your tank or have a rotten egg smell coming out of your taps, you probably have sediment build up at the base of your tank. Sulfur producing bacteria thrive in the low oxygen, high heat and moisture environment. Also, the heated sediment can trap air bubbles in the upper layers that toss sediment against the side of the tank causing a popping sound. We can do a full sediment flush and potentially a hydrogen peroxide treatment to clear your tank and get it running correctly again.

If you have rust colored water, that's a sign that your sacrificial anode has failed and the interior of your water heater is rusting. Replacing the anode will immediately stop this from happening and your water will run clear again. Rusting is the number one reason that water heaters catastrophically fail.  

We recommend having your water heater maintenance performed every year, especially checks on your sacrificial anode and sediment levels. Catching a minor problem early can save you potentially thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Call the experts at our The Woodlands plumbing company and schedule a water heater maintenance today!